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    This large peninsula of Northern Greece was given a lot of grace by mother nature. Chalkidiki, the hidden paradise with the light blue beaches, the forests and the rich variety of plants, was in the ancient years the place that Zeus, the God of hospitality was honored like nowhere else.

    The peninsula was discovered between 4000 and 2000 b.C. At first it was occupied by people from South Greece like Eretriis, Korinthians and mainly Chalkideus, who gave their name to the area. Many of the temples of the ancient Greeks are still intact, for example the ruins of the temple of Zeus (in Kallithea) and the temple of Poseidon near the cape of Poseidi.

    Through the years, Chalkidiki has become the best expressionist of the Greek tradition. In the small villages with the strange houses, the folk art and the collective items, the Greek tradition and way of life is kept alive. Today, Chalkidiki, combining rare natural beauty, monuments of ancient and contemporary history, a variety of activities and services of high quality is a resort that satisfies any kind of visitor.

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